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Getting Started with Adafel


npm i @adafel/adafel-solidity


  • Training a linear regression model

To train a model, call the appropriate training function with your data and labels. For example, to train a linear regression model:

// import dependencies
import "@adafel/adafel-solidity/contracts/v0.1/MachineLearningLib.sol";

int64[][] memory data = ...; // Your training data
int64[] memory labels = ...; // Your training labels

bytes memory model = MachineLearningLib.trainLinearRegression(data, labels);
  • Making Predictions

To make predictions using a trained model, call the appropriate prediction function with your data and the trained model. For example, to make predictions using a trained linear regression model:

int64[][] memory data = ...; // Your input data

int64[] memory predictions = MachineLearningLib.predictLinearRegression(data, model);

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